Yoolight – Free Opencart Theme

yoolight free opencart theme

  • Author : Designed by YOOCART
  • Price : Free
  • Color : Light
  • Features : Responsive Design, Html5, Css3, Bootstrap 3+
  • Opencart Versions : 1.5.x, 2.x, 3.x
  • Compatible Browsers : Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8+, Microsoft Edge
  • Suitable for : Simple, Basic


Download the version that is compatible with opencart :

Version 3.x

Version 2.x

Version 1.x

how to install a theme in opencart 2x and 3x

14 thoughts on “Yoolight – Free Opencart Theme”

  1. Noticed that on the demo (both latest) that the home page gets cut off at the bottom…. Some lower graphics and footer etc.

    Product pages appear to be working OK.


  2. Sorry to be a pain but it seems that the html scroll(vertical) is not working – have to reduce the web window (Firefox) in order to see the footer and then makes it doubly hard to read the content.

    Sorry again…..

  3. Very functional pattern with a few innovations that might be right for those who want an easy, fast and simple interface for your e-commerce. thanks

  4. can i use ads
    1.full screen ads
    2. can i use personal ads automatically change in each and every page
    3.use ads in bottom
    4.can i remove copyright theme by ….. to my name

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